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Put A Better Band In Your Box With
Norton Music's User Style Disk #13
For Band-in-a-Box



You Asked For It -- You Got It!!! I keep a list of all the requests I get and this disk represents the currently most frequently asked for styles. There is an old entertainer's saying, "If you stand on stage long enough, the public will tell you what they want to hear." Well, I've been "on stage" writing styles for Band-in-a-Box ever since the old BiaB/MS-DOS/Mac/Atari days (the early 1990s), and you have been telling me what you want. This is a current collection of the most commonly requested styles.

All the styles on this disk take advantage of the Band-in-a-Box LiveDrums feature for styles that really groove.

In addition, most of the styles on this disk take advantage of the Guitar Macros introduced in version 10 of Band-in-a-Box. This results in more realistic sounding guitar parts using strumming techniques, finger-picking techniques and real guitar chord voicing!

Norton Music Style Disks have been recommended in Keyboard Magazine, Electronic Musician Magazine, The Micro Computer Journal, Music & Computers Magazine, Jazz Times Magazine, on the internet , the McGraw-Hill textbook, Multimedia Literacy by Dr. Fred T. Hoffstetter, and by word of mouth in over 75 different countries by musicians like you.

Check out the useability, versatility and musicality of these new styles!

The best way to describe what is on this disk is to list the styles and post the demo songs. So here we go: Click the Demo link to listen to the MP3 demo.
Note: The audio MP3 files were recorded using Band-in-a-Box and the Edirol VSC3 Virtual Sound Canvas synthesizer. They were encoded at a low bit-rate and in mono so they will download fast, even for those with a dial-up connection. The low bit-rate results in low fidelity, but you will still be able to hear all the parts, and you won't have to wait long for the music to start. In most cases the demo plays only a few bars of the A section, a few bars of the B section, and the ending. In other words, what you hear is only a fraction of what you get.

    Suggested musical applications for each style are written in RED:

  • 12-8 Rock (#12-8rok.sty): A nice 6/8 or 12/8 rock shuffle featuring Electric Bass, Piano, Distorted Guitar Muted Guitar. Works great for Heartache Tonight (Eagles)

  • 60s Soul #1 (#60soul1.sty): Nice, slightly funky late 60s-00s soul music style featuring Electric Bass, Bright Piano, Jazz Guitar and Percussive Organ. The demo song is I Was Made To Love Her (Stevie Wonder)
    HD.demo ROCK-POP-R&B-CCM

  • 70s Disco #3 (#70disc3.sty): They said Disco would die. Judging from the multitude of requests I get, they were wrong! Here is a great 1970s Disco style for those "get under the mirrored ball" classics with Electric Bass, Bright Piano, Muted Guitar and Strings. Works for Disco Inferno (Trammps), Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (McFadden & Whitehead) and others
    mp3 demo DISCO-DANCE-SmoothJAZZ

  • 70s Soul #1 (#70soul1.sty): A 1970s Soul/Rock crossover style with Electric Bass, Piano, Clean Guitar and Brass. Works great for Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (Steam)
    mp3 demo ROCK-SOUL-R&B-SmoothJAZZ-GOSPEL-modernC&W-CCM

  • Big Band #2 (#b_band2.sty): Big Band Jazz has become a classic American art form that still lives. This one is done in the style of the Count Basie Band (sans piano - sorry, not enough tracks in BiaB) with Bass, Sax Section, Jazz Guitar & Brass. Great for Shiny Stockings (Basie) I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues (Ellington) Corner Pocket (Basie - Manhattan Transfer) Orange Colored Sky (Natalie Cole - Nat, too!)
    mp3 demo JAZZ-2000sRetroSWING

  • Bossa~4 [with brushes] (#bossa~4.sty): After a few years without any, I've suddenly gotten a lot of Bossa Nova requests. Here is a cool school bossa style with brushes with Fretless Bass, Acoustic Guitar (I used 2 BiaB channels for realistic thumb & finger playing) and slow Strings, Chega De Suadade / No More Blues (Jobim) and others
    mp3 demo JAZZ-LATIN-POP-SmoothJAZZ

  • Clavinet Funk #2 (#clavnt2.sty): Another retro request that is being relived (old Clavinets are selling for bug bucks). This is a 60s-80s Clavinet arpeggiated funky style ala Stevie Wonder - Electric Bass, Clavinet, Electric Guitar & Strings. Works fine for I Was Made To Lover Her, Superstition (Stevie Wonder) and others
    mp3 demo POP-ROCK-FUSION-CCM

  • Gospel #4 (#gospel4.sty): A Gospel style with a funky, almost fatback A section & a swinging up-beat, two-beat B style with Bass, Piano, M.Guitar & Hammond Organ
    mp3 demo GOSPEL-R&B-ROCK

  • Gospel Blues #1 (#gosblu1.sty): This 6/8 (EXPANDED in 3/4) style has been used in so many different kinds of music, I didn't really know what to call it. Although it is found in Rock, Blues, Country and other forms of music, it's roots are in the African American church, so I settled on Gospel/Blues. This one features Acoustic Bass, Piano, Clean Guitar & "Hammond" Organ. WOrks wonderfully for With A Little Help From My Friends (Joe Cocker Version)
    mp3 demo GOSPEL-ROCK-R&B-modernCOUNTRY-CCM

  • Gospel Blues #2 (#gosblu2.sty): Another out of the church, through the blues to end up in Rock and Country music style. This rocking, swinging Gospel/Rock features Acoustic Bass, Piano, Clean Guitar & Percussive Organ. Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Mean Woman Blues, and too many more to mention

  • Gospel Rock #1 (#gosrok1): An extremely versatile Gospel Rock style for both ballad and up-tempo tunes featuring Bass, Piano, Clean Guitar and Organ. I used All For Love (from The Three Musketeers) as the demo song.

  • Jazz Hip Hop #4 (#jz_hop4.sty): Although Hip Hop started in urban and rap music, it has become a staple in Smooth Jazz. This Light Hip Hop style features Fretless Bass, Piano, Acoustic Guitar & Marimba. It will work for almost anything you want to turn into smooth jazz
    mp3 demo SmoothJAZZ-POP

  • Jump [for the Pointer Sisters] (#jump_ps.sty): Inspired (but not quite like) the Pointer Sisters hit song "Jump (For My Love)" with Slap Bass, Piano, M.Guitar & Organ. Works great for Jump (Pointer Sisters)

  • Latin Jazz #1 (#latjaz1.sty): Latin Jazz style with a Jazz Samba A section and a Jazz Salsa B section with Fretless Bass, Piano, Acoustic Guitar & Strings. Works for Chick Corea and other Latin Jazz artist grooves
    mp3 demo LATIN-JAZZ

  • Light Rock #1 (#litrok1.sty): Light rock styles are so-o-o-o versatile. This one has a laid back A section and a peppy B section and features Bass, Rhodes, A. Guitar and Brightness Pad. Among the thousands of songs this will work on, We Got The Beat (Go-Gos) is one of them

  • Long Cool Woman #1 [In a Black Dress] (#l_c_wmn.sty): Similar to the Hollies hit, "Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)" with Acoustic Bass, Piano, Acoustic Guitar and Distorted Guitar. The demo song is (what else?) Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) (The Hollies)
    mp3 demo ROCK-COUNTRY-CCM

  • Piano Jazz #1 (#pnojz~1.sty): Nothing but piano (3 channels) and a brushed drum set to make you sound like a great jazz piano player for almost any jazz standard or swing tune. Autumn Leaves, Love For Sale, What A Diff'rence, and so many more
    mp3 demo JAZZ-POP

  • Smooth Jazz #2 (#smjazz2.sty): I get Smooth Jazz requests almost weekly. Smooth Jazz borrows it's rhythms from pop, rock, dance, funk and other musical styles. This funky Smooth Jazz style has Electric Bass, Electric Piano, Jazz Guitar and Strings. The demo song is a smooth jazz arrangement of Lowdown (Boz Scaggs) and will work for many others
    mp3 demo SmoothJAZZ-POP-DANCE-JazzROCK-CCM

  • Smooth Jazz #3 (#smjazz3.sty): Disco-ish Smooth Jazz Style with Synth Bass, Rhodes, M.Guitar & Vocal Synth Aahs. The demo is Love's Theme (Barry White) all Smooth Jazzed-up for the 21st century

  • Soul #1 (#soul__1.sty): A rather Motown-ish Soul style with Electric Bass, Piano, Muted Guitar & Strings. Works great for Right Here Right Now (Jesus Jones), Higher & Higher (Jackie Wilson) and others

  • Southern Rock #1 (#so_rok1.sty): Rock has always had a little Country flavor in it. Southern Rock adds a dash more. But it isn't limited to the South, it's so good people all over the world have adopted it. This Down Home Southern Rock style has Electric Bass, Clean Guitar, Nylon Guitar and Steel String Guitar. Works for Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits) More Than I Can Say (Leo Sayer) and so many more
    mp3 demo SouthernROCK-POP/ROCK-COUNTRY-CCM

  • Southern Rock #2 (#so_rok2.sty): This Southern Rock style will work for mellow to energetic songs, Southern and non-Southern songs, too. Electric Bass, Piano, Distorted Guitar and Acoustic Guitar. The demo song is Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (Lobo)

  • Techno #3 (#techno3.sty): I keep getting techno requests, so here is another. Techno styles have moved to pop/dance/rap music, too. This all electric style has Synth Bass, Sweep Pad, Atmosphere, Melodic Tom & Power Drums. Here is my arrangement of You Keep Me Hanging On (Techno style)

  • The Boss #1 [Bruce Springsteen] (#theboss.sty): In the style of Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark" with - Bass, Atmosphere, Muted Guitar and Sweep Pad. Great for Dancing In The Dark (Springsteen)
    mp3 demo ROCK-POP-modernCOUNTRY-CCM

  • We Are Family (#family_.sty): Patterned after Sister's Sledge "We Are Family" which is part Disco and part Rock style with Synth Bass, Piano, Electric Guitar and Strings. Of course the demo song is We Are Family (Sister Sledge)
    mp3 demo DISCO-DANCE-SmoothJAZZ-DanceROCK-CCM

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...I installed them about 10:30 or 11, and have been playing along with them for the past 4 hours. Before I head off to catch a few hours sleep, I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed the songs and what a great job you did with the styles. I know you've probably heard it before, but thanks for the great job!" ~ Rob Fish, Powell, Ohio

"Thank you very much for your fast deliverance. I just installed your styles and they work very nice. I just have to tell you that I couldn't imagine that Band-in-a-Box could sound like that. It's a great pleasure to work with these sounds." ~ Alfred Niederhofer, Regensburg, Germany


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