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Best of the Windlist
VL70-m voices

This page is devoted to VL70-m players like myself, and will be not of much interest to anybody else.

As most people on the windlist know by now, Aaron Michael and a team of dedicated windlist members have developed a custom PROM for the VL70-m. This partially solves our dilemma of having only six custom voice slots and a dozen or more additional voices we would like to play.

To do this, the team replaced the voices we windlist members voted as the worst of factory voices, and replaced them with what we voted as the best of freeware aftermarket voices.

My personal thanks goes out to all who worked on the project (and I can't wait for my new PROMs). I would also like to extend my thanks to the people who provided us with these wonderful patches in the first place. Without the patches, there would be no need for the PROM.

To purchase one of these PROMs, please contact Aaron.

Bob "Notes" Norton,
(WX5 controlling VL70-m / TX81z
and other instruments)

The following is a message from Aaron:

Hello all,

Here's the final list of voices included in the "Best of the Windlist" PROM for the VL70m. You can look in your VL70 List book to see which factory voices are replaced. These choices reflect your votes as tallied on the voting page as well as a few favorites of the PROM volunteer work team.

Included here is a library of the final set of voices called BEST-OF.LIB and another file called BEST-OF.CMT. The Windows Visual editor needs this comment file to work.

The library is in standard format and can be read by any of the Mac or Windows editors for the VL70m.

Aaron Michael

Preset Bank 1: new voices
(Listed by preset voice number)
Num NameSource Lib
3 Hey! Ken(v2wx-70.lib)
5 Tenor12(busch13.lib)
19 Licorice(busch_09.lib)
36 JazzFlut(busch_09.lib)
40 Andean(v2wx-70.lib)
41 Sumo
42 MutedMil(buschman.lib)
43 Sax:Teno(buschman.lib)
44 C Flute(v2wx-70.lib)
46 LastTrp(busch_09.lib)
47 Tenor13 (busch13.lib)
48 Brecker.(busch_09.lib)
49 BassClar(busch13.lib)
50 Blues Ha(v2wx-70.lib)
51 Clarinet(v2wx-70.lib)
52 x-Bari4(busch_02.lib)
53 Sax:Sopr(busch_01.lib)
54 x-Bari3(buschman.lib)
55 Full Cel(busch13.lib)
56 B. Harpe(buschman.lib)
57 RealViol(busch13.lib)
65 kEWI 02(kblib01.lib)
66 Joshua R(buschman.lib)
67 Zawinul1(buschman.lib)
68 Br:Tromb(busch_01.lib)
69 Br:Trump(busch_01.lib)
70 Sax:Bari(busch_01.lib)
84 Wind:Flu(busch_01.lib)
86 ClearTrp(busch_09.lib)
91 Alto 2+
92 Tenor12e
93 kSawLead
96 DeepAlto
101 x-Flute1(buschman.lib)
112 Wanderin
117 The Sidh
Preset Bank 2: new voices
63 Dweller

"What we play is life." ~ Louis Armstrong

"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without." ~ Confucious

"I've never known a musician who regretted being one." ~ Virgil Thompson

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