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Put A Better Band In Your Box With
Norton Music's Style Disk #10
For Band-in-a-Box


"You Asked For It -- Come And Get It!" A brand new, all request, style disk

Thank you all so much for your requests. I keep a notebook by my phone and computer. In that notebook I keep a tally of all the style requests that you have phoned, written and e-mailed to me. Here is the result of your "votes".

These power user styles have been written to take advantage of Band-in-a-Box's "Live Drum" feature, so the grooves really work. You will need version 7.0g or higher to use this disk.

Norton Music Style Disks have been recommended in Keyboard Magazine, Electronic Musician Magazine, The Micro Computer Journal, Music & Computers Magazine, Jazz Times Magazine, on the internet , the McGraw-Hill textbook, Multimedia Literacy by Dr. Fred T. Hoffstetter, and by word of mouth in over 75 different countries by musicians like you.

The best way to describe what is on this disk is to list the styles and post the demo songs. So here we go: Click the Demo link to listen to the MP3 demo.
Note: The audio MP3 files were recorded using Band-in-a-Box and the Edirol VSC3 Virtual Sound Canvas synthesizer. They were encoded at a low bit-rate and in mono so they will download fast, even for those with a dial-up connection. The low bit-rate results in low fidelity, but you will still be able to hear all the parts, and you won't have to wait long for the music to start. In most cases the demo plays only a few bars of the A section, a few bars of the B section, and the ending. In other words, what you hear is only a fraction of what you get.

    Suggested musical applications for each style are written in RED:

  • 16 beat #3 (#16beat3.sty): So many of you asked for more 16 beats styles. Here is a nice, funky 16-beat style

  • Latin 3/4 [or 6-8 expanded] (#3latin1.sty): A Latin 3/4 or 6/8 (EXPANDED) style inspired by Tito Puente and Ray Baretto songs with Acou Bass, Piano, Guitar and Strings. While doing the Latin Fake Book (Norton Fake Disk #18), I was surprised at how thoroughly versatile this style was (and I wrote it!) Slow, fast, 3/4, 6/8, 12/8, if it was based in 3 and Latin, this style seemed to fit!
    H.D.demo LATIN-JAZZ

  • 70's Funk #1 (#70funk1.sty): Another popular request, 70s funk. Here’s one in the style of the Average White Band's hit, Pick Up The Pieces with E. Bass, Perc. Organ, Mute E. Guitar and Sax section

  • 70's Funk #2 (#70funk2.sty): 70s funk style, a little jazzier than #70funk1.sty

  • 70's Jazz #1 (#70jazz1.sty): 70s Fusion Jazz in the style of Weather Report, Chuck Mangione, Flora Purim, Chick Corea, and others with Fretless Bass, Piano, Jazz Guitar and Rhodes.

  • 8 Beat #3 (#8beat_3.sty): I also get so many requests from you for more 8-beats. Here is a medium Rock 8 beat with Fingered E Bass, Rhodes, Clean E Guitar and Mute E Guitar (which could also work for some contemporary contemporary C&W tunes if you change the Rhodes to an "acoustic" piano patch)
    H.D.mp3 demo POP-ROCK-C&W-CCM

  • Afro Pop (#afropop.sty): Another 16 beat request. This one features a rhythm similar to what I heard on an NPR radio show called Afro Pop World with Fingered E Bass, Kalimba, Nylon Guitar and Slap Bass patch (for M. Guitar part).

  • Bolero #1 (#bolero1.sty): A sensual Bolero great for those passionate Latin ballads, Boleros and slow Rhumbas. This one uses 3-2 African Clave. Using Band-in-a-Box's "Live Drums" feature, Bass, Piano, Acoustic Guitar and Strings
    mp3 demo LATIN-POP/ROCK-JAZZ

  • Boogie Woogie #7 (#boogie7.sty): One of the biggest requests I had after doing the Boogie Woogies on disk #9 was for more Boogie Woogie styles, and here is a nice piano boogie done in the style of Bumble Boogie
    mp3 demo POP/ROCK-JAZZ-C&W-R&B

  • Car Wash (#carwash.sty):Many of you asked for more disco. This one was inspired by Rose Royce's 1970s Disco hit, Car Wash. It will also work for other Disco tunes
    mp3 demo DANCE-POP-CCM

  • Caribbean Steel Band (#caribe.sty): A style that is modern Calypso in nature with Slap Bass, Steel Drums, Marimba, and Brass. It will work for up tempo Calypso and some Soca tunes
    mp3 demo POP-DANCE-JAZZ

  • Chuck Berry #2 (#cberry2.sty): Another major request from owners of my previous disks. This hard driving style is great for both Rock, 50's R&B and modern Country music and is perfect for Johnny B. Goode
    mp3 demo ROCK-C&W-R&B-POP-CCM

  • Cool Jazz (#cool_jz.sty): A very nice Cool School Swing Jazz style with piano, guitar and muted brass. Good for Basie, Sinatra, Ellington, (cool) Miles, Shirley Horn and others
    mp3 demo JAZZ

  • Country Waltz (#cnwaltz.sty): Y'all asked for more C&W. A classic country waltz with acoustic and slide steel guitars
    mp3 demo C&W-CCM

  • Country Shuffle #1 (#c_shuf1.sty): A C&W shuffle that will also work for Retro-Rock and Rock-a-billy songs

  • Country or Rock Ballad #2 (#cr_bal2.sty): Another versatile style, this 8-beat ballad with finger picked guitar chords will work for both Rock and Country music ballads featuring Bass, Steel String Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, and voice Oohs
    mp3 demo ROCK-C&W-CCM

  • Cumbia (#cumbia.sty): For years I have gotten requests for this traditional Latin American folk dance, here it is with Bass, Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, and Saxes
    mp3 demo LATIN

  • Gospel #3 (#gospel3.sty): I seem to always get gospel music requests. This one has a swinging "A" section and an up beat, double time, 2 beat "B" section with E. bass, Piano, Organ and vocal Oohs
    mp3 demo GOSPEL-R&B-POP-C&W-CCM

  • Hip Hop #3 (#hiphop3.sty): You asked for more Hip Hop rhythms. This one is a light Hip Hop and is EXPANDED so you can get up to 8 chords in a 4/4 music measure with Fingered Bass, Nylon Guitar, Muted E. Guitar and Poly Synth
    mp3 demo DANCE-R&B-JAZZ-CCM

  • Iko Iko [New Orleans] (#iko_iko.sty): You asked for more New Orleans music. This one was inspired by the song Iko Iko and features Fingered E Bass, Bright Piano, Muted Guitar and "Hammond" organ
    mp3 demo DANCE-R&B-JAZZ

  • Jazz Hip Hop #3 (#jz_hop3.sty): You can't turn on Smooth Jazz radio without hearing something like this Smooth Hip Hop. This one is also EXPANDED so you can get 8 chords in one 4/4 measure

  • Kansas City Shuffle (#kc_shuf.sty): Similar to Wilbert Harrison's version of Kansas City with Fingered E Bass, Piano, Muted Guitar and Sax Section on the "B" substyle
    mp3 demo R&B-ROCK-C&W-CCM

  • Latin Disco (#l_disc0.sty): 21st century Latin Disco -- Like Ricky Martin's The Cup Of Life

  • Merengue #2 (#mereng2.sty): A modern Merengue style with piano, bass, percussion, brass, and saxes
    mp3 demo LATIN

  • Polka 1 (#polka_1.sty): I can't believe how many of you asked for a Polka. Well, you asked for it, you got it!

  • Pure Rock (#purerok.sty): You asked for Rock. Here's rock in the style of Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen

  • Rhythm & Blues #3 (#r_&_b_3.sty): I always get requests for the blues, and I haven't done a basic R&B shuffle since disk #2. Here you go. Since this one has "Live Drums" it really grooves

  • Shuffle #1 (#shufl_1.sty): Another rock request. This one a moderate, very versatile, cross-over shuffle

  • Ska #1 (#ska___1.sty): Many of you asked for a Ska rhythm (1960's Pre-Reggae Jamaican) and here's one for you

  • Techno #2 (#techno2.sty): A nice, commercial Techno style inspired after Rhythm Is A Dancer

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"In fact I will be recommending [in my new book] that people not even use Band-In-In-A-Box UNLESS THEY USE YOUR STYLES WITH IT! I'm not sure how you do it, but you make an average program turn into one on the "honor roll"! if you know what I mean. ... Your styles give it a more realistic, "live" feel.... thus the name of the program should then be changed to A-REAL-BAND-OUT-OF-THE-BOX"---- Maybe you should advertise.... "Is it LIVE...or is it NORTON? Guess that's already taken...Just a thought."Keith Burrows / Trumpet Sound Music Productions / Terre Haute, IN

"I just wanted to respond and say how much I appreciate the personal interest you've taken in me as a customer. I'm so impressed that I made sure to write this right away. ... Nowadays it is very rare to find business people who take genuine interest in their clients and customers. To put yourself in your clients shoes is a very admirable quality. ... Once again I would like to thank you and praise your business ethics. There should be more people like you. I look forward to making my next purchase from you knowing that I'll receive a good product and excellent service. Sincerely, ~ Don Barayuga"donafied@....


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