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Norton Music Proudly Presents:

Roy Hawkesford User Style and
Arrangement (Fake) Disk #6
For Band-in-a-Box

Modern Jazz Standards

27 Styles and 50 Arrangements

This disk contains several jazz styles that can be described as "Modern Jazz". The period from the Be-Bop of Parker and Gillespie, through the more abstract sounds of Miles Davis, Bill Evans and Coltrane to the Latin and pop-based sounds of Gary Burton, Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea has provided many of the styles favored by jazz players worldwide.

Equally, in addition to the 'standards' featured on previous disks, this period gave rise to many songs which were composed by the musicians themselves. These songs reflect the developments in "Modern Jazz" through its golden age. Fusion fans will be able to use several of the styles on this disk, however, since it grew out of the jazz styles of the late '60s.

While the titles on the disk may not be as familiar as the earlier 'jazz standards', virtually all of them (with the melodies) are to be found in 'fake' books, especially "The Real Book", obtainable from specialist sheet music retailers.

The styles can be used independently, of course, with the songs on the previous disks or with your own compositions. By way of illustration, Roy has included three of his own compositions using modern sounding styles, "Stevie Wonderful" (the Stevie Wonder, of course), "For PM" (Roy's wife) and "The Importance Of Ernest" (Ernest Ranglin, jazz guitarist and godfather of Skank/Reggae).

This disk further demonstrates Roy Hawkesford's love and understanding of jazz and his desire to provide an increasingly comprehensive range of styles and effective arrangements of jazz standards and modern jazz compositions.

Here are the 27 great new styles contained on this disk:

And the 50 arrangements (songs) on this disk are:

Afternoon In Paris Airegin All Blues Anthropology Au Privave Blue In Green Blue Monk Blues For Alice Bluesette - Central Park West Como En Vietnam Con Alma Crystal Silence Days And Nights Waiting Django Dolphin Dance 500 Miles High For PM Four Freddie Freeloader Giant Steps - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Groovin' High Grow Your Own I Remember Clifford In Your Own Sweet Way Israel Jordu Lady Bird Lament Lazy Bird Line For Lyons Moanin' Naima Nica's Dream Nostalgia In Times Square Ornithology Round Midnight Sidewinder Sing Me Softly Of The Blues - Skating In Central Park Song For My Father Stevie Wonderful Stolen Moments Take Five The Duke The Fields We Know - The Importance Of Ernest The Night Has A Thousand Eyes Up Jumped Spring Walkin' Shoes Waltz For Debby Well You Needn't West Coast Blues

Note: Roy prefers to use the term arrangement as opposed to fake, but whatever the name it must be noted that these Band-in-a-Box files do not contain melodies or any other copyright material.


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Roy Hawkesford Arrangement Disk #6
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