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Bob "Notes" Norton is a multi-instrumentalist (all saxophones, flute, wind synthesizer, guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums), vocalist, music instructor, arranger, master sequencer, musical software programmer, composer, author, and the owner of Norton Music. He is currently residing and in Fort Pierce, Florida. Bob started his formal musical education in the Florida public school system. He was chosen by The Florida Bandmasters Association as the best saxophone player in the state (first chair all-state band) each and every year he was in school. He continued his education by taking courses provided by Broward Community College, Berklee College of Music, and private instructors in Florida, L.A., Michigan, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.

Bob's contributions to contemporary American music are recognized by his inclusion in the Marquis Publications' Who's Who in the South and Southwest (1993 to present) Who's Who in America (1996 to present), Who's Who in Entertainment, and Who's Who in the World (1996 to present). Bob is also included in the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge England's Men Of Achievement publication, their Dictionary of International Biography, Edition XXIII, and Outstanding People of the 20th Century. In addition to all this, he will be featured in the next edition of International Who's Who of Information Technology and Stratmore's Who's Who.


Putting many years on the road complimented his education with experience. During the "road years", he had either backed up or warmed up for scores of headliners like: Little Anthony & The Imperials, The Association, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Blood Sweat & Tears, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Marvin Gaye, The Kingsmen, Cyndi Lauper, Bob Seger, Diana Ross & The Supremes, and too many more to list here. He has performed extensively throughout the continental United States, on several cruise ships, and abroad.

He has appeared on MTV, The BBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC-TV. In the 1960's, Bob was one of the first white musicians to record for Motown Records. Since then he has done session work in many other major and independent recording studios. Bob has also completed hundreds of professional musical arrangements for band, orchestra and sequencer.

Bob founded Norton Music in 1990 by writing and publishing his first book, The Artist's And Entertainer's Tax Bible. That book became an instant standard for musicians and other performers who do not want to pay more than their fair share of income tax. Since then he has expanded his line of excellent software and informational products. He also continues to perform, record, sequence, and arrange.

All Norton Music products are written by a musician, for musicians.

This is important because each and every Norton Music product contains the knowledge and experience accumulated over the 30 plus years of performing with some of the world's best (and worst) bands. It is the Norton Music philosophy that an experienced, professional, working musician can impart certain essential qualities into many products that neither a computer programmer, a journalist, nor a recently graduated music major even knows about.

Professional Secrets and Tricks of the Trade

Norton Music's products contain tricks of the trade, insider information, and professional secrets that can only be gained by being there. From sleazy little dives (where they paid the musicians by passing the hat), to hotel lounges, to cruise ships, to show clubs, and to star studded concert stages, Bob has been there.

And that is why Norton Music's User Style Disks for Band-In-A-Box contain authentic styles that include the kinds of parts that real, working, professional musicians would actually play. They don't get in the way of the melody, and they don't sound corny. · Norton Music's Fake Disks for Band-In-A-Box contain usable songs, great chords, intros, and endings. · Norton Music's Super-Sequences really groove, not just any groove, and not necessarily the record's groove, but the proper live performance groove (which is often different from the record's due to unique needs of a live performance). · His Artist's and Entertainer's Tax Bible contains the lessons learned by paying Uncle Sam too much - for too many years.

Norton Music also offers a select number of products manufactured or written by other individuals or companies. All products in this catalog, whether created "in house" or not have been tested and approved by Bob "Notes" Norton himself. They have been chosen for their quality, usefulness and value.

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Environmental Notes

Whenever possible, I use the US / World Mail to deliver your products. Although it sometimes costs a little more, or takes a little more time, there is a good reason for that method. The mail carrier passes your house each and every day. By using the mail carrier to deliver your products, no other delivery person has to make a special trip to your house. This conserves fossil fuel and reduces global air pollution.

  • Whenever possible, I use recycled and/or reused mailers, paper, etc. I especially try to re-use the shipping containers and packing materials since that is even kinder to the environment than recycling.
  • If there is Styrofoam packing in your carton, it is definitely reused. I save all the Styrofoam that gets shipped to me and reuse it. I do not buy new Styrofoam. I do not put Styrofoam in the trash. If I have excess, I give the extra to the local pack and ship store.
  • If you are getting more than one catalog, let me know. There is no reason to use twice the paper, even if it is recycled. If you do not wish to be on my mailing list, let me know that too.
  • Save fuel, reduce pollution, shop mail and Internet order. It's the environmentally correct way to shop.

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Royalty Free Styles

Songs made with Norton Music User Styles have appeared on commercial CDs, TV shows, radio spots, night clubs, concerts, record company demos, and multimedia productions.

  • You have my permission to use any audio sound recordings (records, tapes or CDs) and/or MIDI files made with Norton Music User Style Disks for Band-In-A-Box and/or Norton Music Fake Disks for Band-In-A-Box without paying any royalties to Norton Music. If you produce a commercial product with this software,
  • I do ask that you notify me, and that you give me credit in the appropriate area of the product, near the other credits (song writer, arranger, musicians, etc.).
  • Although you have license to use the software in the above described manner, it is understood that Norton Music retains all copyright ownership of its software.
  • You may not distribute any Norton Music product for Band-In-A-Box (either modified or in its original form) in any form that can be loaded into the Band-In-A-Box program as either a style file or a song file (*.STY, *.SG?, *.MG?, etc. ).
  • If you use my product to play a song that is copyrighted, you are responsible to get permission to use the copyrighted property from the copyright holder.
  • Norton Music has no affiliation with Band-In-A-Box or PG Music therefore I can not authorize you permission to use their property. I do believe that they have a similar policy, I suggest that you call or write PG Music to be sure.

Thank you for using Norton Music products. I wish you success in all your musical endeavors.

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Quantity Discounts:

In response to the inquiries I have had about distributing Norton Music products, I am now offering the following quantity discounts. You may take advantage of these discounts for the purpose of reselling any Norton Music titles. Please note; only Norton Music titles are included and this offer, (i.e., Norton Music's User Style Disks, Norton Music's Fake Disks, and Norton Music's Artists' and Entertainers' Tax Bible). These discounts do not apply to items re-sold by Norton Music and originated by other developers, (EVS, AVI, PG Music, Tune 1000, and others). If you have any questions, please ask.

If you would like to distribute my products, the dealer quantity discount is as follows:

  • 30% discount for multiples of 3 to 9 of the same title,
  • 40% discount for multiples of 10 or more of the same title.

Software titles - you may mix computer formats of the same disk title (Example: 5 U-02_b disks + 5 U_02_M disks qualifies for the 40% discount since all 10 disks are User Style Disk #2 although they are mixed between different computer disk formats).

Actual shipping charges will be added to the order, no handling charge is added. I can ship your order either Air or Surface mail (please specify). Be aware that surface is much less expensive but it also takes longer to arrive (2 to 10 days USA, up to 6 weeks international).

Preferred payment is by credit card (Visa or Master Card). A check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank and in US funds can also be used. Allow 10 banking days for all checks to clear before your order is processed. After payment is made, orders are usually shipped within a day or two (depending on my work load).

These terms are effective January 1, 1996 and these discounts supersede all previous discounts. Terms are subject to change without notice.

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How to make MIDI file sequences like the ones posted in this web site

All the MIDI file sequences on this site were made in about 5 minutes (each). Making a MIDI files like any one of these is quick, easy, and requires no piano keyboard performance skill. With Band-in-a-Box and Norton Music styles, all you have to do is type the chord names in with your QWERTY computer keyboard, pick a Norton Music style with the click of a mouse, pick the tempo or speed of playback, and your computer and sound card (or MIDI sound module) will play back a sequence as good as the ones posted here. Without even touching the black and white keys of a synthesizer. In fact, that is exactly how the sequences on this site were made. For information about Band-in-a-Box click here. For information about the world famous Norton Music styles click here.

After downloading a MIDI file made with a Norton Music Style, rfglissm@... wrote "I want to complement you on your exquisite piece. This has got to be one the best MIDI files I have ever heard. This sounds as if you just taped a Jazz session and pumped it into a MIDI file, it is that good. Please let me know where myself, and others can find more of your, and others of same class, works. I don't know if MIDI can be career, but if it can I would highly suggest to pursue it!"

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Privacy Statement


I do not collect any information about you without asking you first -- no trackers, no cookies, no LSO's, and no web bugs. Your personal information will neither be rented, given away, nor sold to anyone. *

* The only cookies that may be sent are those sent by the shopping cart company. These cookies will only be sent if you place items in your shopping cart. The cart company assures me that the cookies are for quick navigational purposes only and will expire as soon as you complete your transaction and be immediately deleted.

Note: Other associated advertisers on this site (like Amazon) promise not to sell or give away your personal information without your permission. Furthermore, if you don't click the advertisers link, they will get absolutely no information about you.

Bob "Notes" Norton, owner, Norton Music

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