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Money Saving Multi-Disk Discounts and
E-Delivery (Download) Information

SAVE MONEY with a Multi-Disk-Discount via E-delivery!

Make Your Own Discount Pack ...
The more E-disks you purchase ... the more money you will save!!!

Three ways to save money --- and the savings add up!!!

  1. Pay no postage. E-delivery is FREE!!!

  2. Make Your Own Multi-Disk-Discount!
    All disks on this site are included; Style, Fake, Hawkesford, Bailey, Wedd, Mayrent, etc.
    The more disks you buy the bigger your discount the more money you save: Purchase 2 e-disks, save $2.00 -- ($1.00 per disk discount) Purchase 3 e-disks, save $6.00 -- ($2.00 per disk discount) Purchase 4 e-disks, save $12.00 -- ($3.00 per disk discount) Purchase 5 e-disks, save $20.00 -- ($4.00 per disk discount) Purchase 10 e-disks, save $50.00 -- ($5.00 per disk discount) Purchase 25 e-disks, save $150.00 -- ($6.00 per disk discount) Purchase 50 e-disks, save $350.00 -- ($7.00 per disk discount) Purchase 63 e-disks, save $441.00 -- ($7.00 per disk discount)

  3. International customers do not have to pay Import Tax (Customs Duty - Douane)

Plus there are 3 huge Mega-Packs on this page

The Norton Music Shopping Cart will automatically compute your Multi-Disk-Mega-Discount as you add more disks to the cart.

E-Delivery Is As Easy As 1 - 2 - 3



Here Is How It Works

  1. After the secure shopping cart processes and approves your Credit Card or PayPal order, you will be redirected to another web page with:
         a) your download link,
         b) a temporary username and
         c) a temporary password.
    (If you ordered more than one disk, you will get more than one download link on that page.)

    FAIL SAFE: Your download information will also be included on your e-receipt which will be sent to you from - be sure to look in your junk folder if you can't find it (your spam filter might register a false positive).

    NOTE: In the extremely unlikely event that both of these fail and you don't get your software within a few minutes, please let me know.

  2. Your download is zipped for quick retrieval. Once unzipped the data is identical to the disks I used to send in the mail, and you just saved $5.00 or more in shipping and handling charges.

  3. After unzipping, follow the easy instructions to install the software on your computer. Then store the original download on a CD or Flash Drive in case you ever need to re-install the software (in case you get a new hard drive or new computer).

In the unlikely event that you have trouble with the e-delivery or installation. Tech help is just an e-mail away.

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Fast shipping



Most e-deliveries are sent in less than 60 seconds -- Much faster than FedEx, Express Mail, UPS Overnight and others (plus the overnight carriers charge from $17.00 to $32.00 to express it to you, E-delivery is free).

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All disks are scanned with daily updated Anti-Virus software before sending.


Environmentally Friendly



There are no packaging materials to discard or recycle, and no additional ozone-depleting, climate changing, fossil fuel is spent delivering the product to your house.





E-delivery saves money, saves time, and save the environments. It's the right thing to do.


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