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Norton Music Proudly Presents:

Sherry Mayrent's
Klezmorim in a Kestl Disk #1
For Band-in-a-Box

Finally, A Set Of Authentic Klezmer Styles And Songs For Band-in-a-Box

Klezmorim in a Kestl
(Yiddish for "musicians in a box")

Klezmer, the music of Yiddish-speaking Jews of Eastern Europe, is currently enjoying unprecedented popularity among Jews and non-Jews all over the world. Entering "Jewish MIDI files" in any major Internet search engine will turn up dozens of sites offering these MIDI files. A visit to PG Music's "wish list" web forum reveals a need for authentic Klezmer and other Eastern European folk styles. My own Norton Music e-mail box gets frequent requests for Klezmer styles, but I have never felt comfortable writing them since I have little experience with that particular style of music (although I do enjoy listening to it).

Sherry Mayrent, is uniquely qualified to write a disk of authentic Klezmer songs and styles for Band-in-a-Box. Sherry is (1) an accomplished Klezmer clarinetist (2) an Associate Director of KlezKamp : The Yiddish Folk Arts Program (3) an outstanding teacher who is pioneering innovative methods of teaching Klezmer music to students of all skill levels (4) the clarinetist and musical director of the popular group The Wholesale Klezmer Band and (5) a prolific composer of Klezmer songs. As if that wasn't enough, Sherry has also (6) published a couple of books on Klezmer tunes, (7) produced many records and (8) spent years writing this, her first collection of authentic Klezmer styles and songs for Band-in-a-Box. Norton Music is proud and pleased to offer you Sherry Mayrent's Klezmorim in a Kestl.

If you enjoy Klezmer music, you will love this disk!

53 authentic Klezmer user styles are included in this disk

53 User Styles are included in this disk falling into the following general categories:

  • Freylakhs - moderate
  • Freylakhs - Fast
  • Khosidls
  • Horas (includes hora styles in 3/4 and 12/8)
  • Terkishers
  • Waltzes

  • Note: Both traditional and "New York" versions of all the styles are included.

A FakeBook is included with over 100 songs!

A FakeBook is included in this disk consisting of 100 Klezmer Standards, complete with melodies utilizing Sherry's Styles.

Here are the song titles: Abe Schwartz Sher Ale Brider Araber Tants Azoy Fayft Men A Shviger Baym Rebn In Palestine Hora In 3-4 Baym Rebn In Palestine Hora Baym Rebn In Palestine-bulgar Baym Rebns Sude Baym Shtefenester Rebn Beckerman Bulgar Berditchever Khosidl Bessarabian Honga Branele's Khasene Bukoviner Freylekhs Bulgar #1 Bulgar #3 Bulgar Ala Naftule Bulgarish Bumblebee Sirba Dem Trisker Rebns Nign Di Mame Iz Gegangen Dos Tsigayner Freylekhe Nakht In Palestine Freylekhs Fun Der Khupe Freylekhs In D Minor Freylekhs In D Freylekhs Nokh Der Khupe Fun Tashlikh Galitsyaner Khosidl Galitsyaner Sher Glik Gypsy Hava Nagila Heyser Bulgar Hochman Sher Hoffman's Hora In 3-4 Hoffman's Hora Ikh Bin Dayner In Odess Kalarash Bulgar Kalarash Hora In 3-4 Kalarash Hora Kandel's Hora In 3-4 Kandel's Hora Khasene Vals Khevre Nit Gezorgt Khosn Kale Mazltov Khsidim Tants Khusid Geyt Tantsn Khusidl In D Minor Kiever Bulgar Kiever Sher Kishinever Bulgar Kolomeyka Kostakowsky Waltz Lebedik Lebn Zol Palestine Leon's Khosidl Leybedik Naftule Leybedike Honga Libes Shmertzn Ma Yofus Mamalige Mayn Eynikls Bar Mitsva Mayn Tayere Odessa In 3-4 Mazl Tov Mazltov Der Shviger Menukho V'simkho Moldavian Hora In 3-4 Moldavian Hora Moskowitz Terkisher Muzinikl Nakht In Gan Eydn Nokh A Glezl Vayn In 3-4 Nokh A Glezl Vayn Odessa Bulgar #1 Odessa Bulgar #2 Odessa Bulgar #3 Oriental Freylekh Oriental Hora In 3-4 Oriental Hora Ot Azoy Oy Tate, Siz Gut Oy, Tate Rebns Tants Ruchele's Bulgar Rumeynishe Nign In 3-4 Rumeynishe Nign Seymole's Bar Mitzva Sha, Sha, Di Shviger Kumt Sherele Shtiler Bulgar Shver Un Shviger Tants Simon Tov Skotshne #59 Sunrise, Sunset Tarras Sher Tayere Odessa Terkishe Yale V'yove Tants Ternovker Sher Trinkt, Briderlakh, Lekhayim Trinkt, Briderlekh, Lekhayim - 3-4 Tsurik Fun Der Milkhome Unzer Toyrele Varshaver Freylekhs Vesimakhto Voliner Bulgar Yid In Yerushalayim, Der Yidisher Soldat Yikhes

A complete users guide with installation instructions in Acrobat (.pdf) format is included.


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Sherry Mayrent's
Klezmorim in a Kestl Disk #1

Requires version 5 or higher of Band-in-a-Box
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Sherry Mayrent's Klezmer Style/Song disk for Band-in-a-Box

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