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The Best Entertainment on the Treasure Coast
(but don't take our word for it)

Over 97% of the people who have booked The Sophisticats asked for them back again

The Sophisticats are the only Treasure Coast band to be honored by being included in Marquis Publications definitive reference books, Who's Who In Entertainment, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the South and Southeast. These books can be found in the reference sections of public libraries all over the country and most of the English speaking world

The Sophisticats are the only Treasure Coast Band to have performed on MTV, in Carnival Cruise Ship advertisements on ABC, NBC and CBS, on an entertainment feature on the BBC, and by invitation in the People's Republic of China

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Here is what our clients have to say:

Tim Star, Cruise Director of Carnival Cruise Lines said, "... In addition to packing the Tahiti Lounge to capacity, the passenger's comment cards are another barometer of your performance ... The Sophisticats have always gotten an amazing number of unsolicited comments on the cards. Most often, you are considered the best music on the entire ship. Considering the fact that there are six lounges with music ... you can be proud of that. In summary you have been a major force in boosting the ship's ratings in the entertainment category ..."

"Just a brief note to again say thank you for a job well done. You are terrific to work with and even better to listen to! Your professionalism is only surpassed by your talent. It will be our pleasure to have you entertain us again. So glad we found you..." Carol & Stephen Snyder, Stuart, FL

"In recognition of the excellent job The Sophisticats have done and continue do do here at the Pelican Yacht Club, I would not hesitate to recommend them to the management of any other club, They are highly talented, extremely versatile and very professional. They always go above and beyond the call of duty to please us." Roger Hoskins, General Manager

"We want to thank you, not just for what you did, which was wonderful, but for the way you did it -- for the smiles and the warmth and the caring you put into it. Both of you made us feel so special. The music was wonderful at the reception, and we felt like "the band" actually cared about us and having a good time, not just another job. We've been passing your name around -- only to the good people! You guys are great! Keep up the good work!" Carol and Jeff Walters, Jupiter, FL

"I highly recommend The Sophisticats, they are extremely dedicated with a sound that appeals to all ages." Robert Scofield, owner of Mangrove Matties.

"We have just arrived home in cold, snowy Maine and are ready to turn back! It was great to hear from you upon our return. We had the time of our lives and you were a major part of the fun. You were great. Thanks so much. Your intuitions were right on about what was needed, when and where. Your music appealed to everyone from the oldest family member to little Cheyenne, the 7 year-old flower girl. Your relaxed, competent approach put us all at ease - the nervous bride, the somewhat "out-of-our-element" Maine parents, and all the crazy bridal party friends. I couldn't believe it when I looked out and everyone there was dancing! It was truly a fun and love-filled experience, a real tribute to you two. I am glad you had fun too. I am sure that Cher at Sea Oaks and the other locals will be buzzing with recommendations for future employment. Best wishes and happy New Year to you both. I hope we run into you again somewhere." Sonja Schmanska, Tenants Harbor, Maine

Rob Waterfield, Musician Supervisor of Carnival Cruise Lines said, "... I would like to thank The Sophisticats for the superb job you have done entertaining our customers ... We have consistently received many favorable comments from the officers, the staff, the crew and most importantly of all, from the passengers ... Your ability to please audiences from all over the world has certainly helped Carnival Cruise lines maintain our reputation as having the best entertainment in the Caribbean ..."

"You sounded great and I have received many positive comments on your performance." Angelia Bingham of Treasure Coast Television

"Your music and talent made two people fall in love. You just make people feel good." Bob Lehman, Levitown, PA

"You guys are fantastic!" Duke Daniels, Singer with the original group, The Platters

"One of the most talented and entertaining shows we've seen in a long time ... you're great." Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Steinberg, Skokie, IL

"You did another excellent job, as expected ... thanks." Howie Locke, Owner, Scoundrel's Supperclub

"I have been on this ship for 3½ years and have never seen any act pack that lounge like you did ... you two are great!" ... Rand Woodbury, Cruise Director, Carnival Cruise Lines

"Have fun and thanx so much for everything, this was fun!" Cyndi Lauper

"You both are great entertainers ... you put on one hell of a show." Captain Lou, Cyndi Lauper's manager

"... FANTASTIC." Betty Gorno, Miami, FL

"... The more passengers we can get in to see you, the better the ship's entertainment rating will be." Bob Hammill, Cruise Director, Carnival Cruise Lines

"... It's a pleasure to listen and dance to your music, in part because you seem to have so much fun performing it." Gary and Beryl Whitlow, Freeport, TX

"... We enjoyed your music immensely." Susan Tenny, Wazata, MN

"The Sophisticats are the best group I've seen ..." Kim Chong, Bartender, Smuggler's Lounge

"... 4 hrs. of continuous music -- from rock and roll to country. Great entertainment ..." Sheila and Bill Myall, Port St. Lucie, FL

"Every week when I mention your name at the farewell talk, the crowd bursts into applause. This has never happened before with any other duo!" Steve Cassels, Cruise Director, Carnival Cruise Lines

"The Sophisticats, the best band to ever play at Monterey, had everyone up on the dance floor with a wide variety of musical selections." - Montery Yacht Club Newsletter Nov 2015

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