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You want it, We have it...
...More Music...
...More Entertainment...
...More Fun!!!


Most other bands take one 20 minute break per hour. In a three hour job, if you add up all three 20 minute breaks, you get a total of 60 minutes when the bandís not playing. In other words, you pay for three hours, and you only get two hours of music.

The Sophisticats have a better way of doing things. Hereís the deal. When you hire us for three hours, you get three hours of music. We are famous for taking no breaks at all on a three hour job. You get 60 minutes more music. You have more fun. Your guests have more fun. You and your guests stay longer. You actually get more for your money by choosing The Sophisticats for your function.


When you book The Sophisticats, you show your guests that you care enough about them to get the very best entertainment.

  • The Sophisticats are known as the best two piece band on the Treasure Coast. But don't take our word for it. Over 97% of the people who book The Sophisticats ask for them back again! (We couldn't write a better ad if we tried.)

  • The Sophisticats are the only Treasure Coast band to be listed in the prestigious publication, "Who's Who In Entertainment"

  • The Sophisticats are the only Treasure Coast band to have played by invitation in the People's Republic of China

  • The Sophisticats are the only Treasure Coast band to have appeared on these TV stations: MTV, ABC, CBS, NBC and The BBC

If you want the most entertainment for your money AND the best entertainment for your money, call The Sophisticats today!