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Where are the 'Cats playing now?

The majority of our gigs are private affairs,
(yacht clubs, country clubs, private clubs, house parties, condominiums, weddings, divorce parties, neighborhood parties, corporate functions, etc.).
To protect our clients privacy, private gigs are not listed below.

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Public Performances
Y'all are invited to party with us here

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January »2023«

  • Every Wednesday & Thursday, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM and Sunday morning from 9:00 AM to Noon
    at the Sunrise Sands Beach Resort
       · Located where Seaway Drive meets the Atlantic Ocean, Just south of Jetty Park · (772) 403-7767
       · On Google Maps/GPS it's 2041 Seaway Dr. Ft Pierce FL 34949 · Click Me for Maps, Pictures, & Directions
       · It's our 15th year of fun-filled afternoon parties, now at a new, bigger location!

  • Friday, January 13 Charlene's Coyote Grille in the Roadrunner Resort from 5-8 PM
    5500 St Lucie Blvd, Ft Pierce FL (772) 801-9302

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