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Archive of Files from
The Band-In-A-Box Independent Users Group mailing list

Yahoo is deleting all the files from our group. I volunteered to host them here.

Note: These are chord progression song files only, no copyrighted melodies or lyrics are included.

If you want to add any songs here are the simple requirements: They must be chords only in .SG? format. with no melodies, lyrics, or song-specific licks included. (I run a commercial site and I am careful not to violate any copyright laws.)

To add a file, simply e-mail it to me and I'll include it. It might take a few days, depending on my work load, but I'll get to it.

User's Guide - Read Me First

Index for the songs in the alphabetical files.

Files: Numbers A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

New files (at the end of the year I'll zip all the new files up in a "yearbook" type folder):

After 1215 am.SGU
I Will Be There For You.SGU
Lil Darlin.SGU

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This page is under construction. I'll add more as I get some free time.

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