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MIDI continuous controllers

List of Standard MIDI Continuous Controllers (CC's)

Here is a list of the standard MIDI continuous controllers. Use these controllers to manipulate your MIDI data to make the music more expressive. You use these to add expressive devices like add vibrato, add abrupt or gradual volume changes, add and control the amount of reverb, tremolo, and/or chorus, and so on. The most commonly used CC's are in bold typeface

For most controllers marked (on/off) controllers, on=127 and off=0. For all others, the higher the value, the more intense the effect is.

Note: Not all synthesizers respond to all CC's. There should be a list in your synth manual. It's usually in the back and it is usually called the MIDI implementation chart. If you don't have the manual or can't google one, try a few to see if they work. If you find this page helpful, feel free to link to it.

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